The widest range of professional ABS grinders on the market, suitable for grinding all types of coffee, for all types of business. Cunill uses the most advanced ABS plastic component, resistant and non-deformable, for the injection of all the components

  • Product Code:AR-CU-GR-PU-001-003
  • Brand Name:CUNILL
  • Manufacturer Code:TRANQUILO ABS
  • Color/Material:Velvet
  • Fuel:Single Phase Power
  • Dimension:34 * 17 * 41 cm
  • Weight:6 kg

Manufacturer Brand Information:

  • Brand Name:CUNILL
  • Manufacturing Country:Spain


Hopper (1/2kg) made of unbreakable and non-deformable material (co.polyester), with fast lock system and self-levelling when off the coffee grinder, with the possibility of cleaning in a dishwasher at 90 °C. Micrometric regulation of the coffee grind using a regulatory pawl. New expulsion system for the ground coffee (always leaving the grinding cavity clean when the coffee grinder stops). Bodywork manufactured in anti-scratch material, in a single piece (less vibrations, more robustness). With ventilation system (internal air inlet and outlet). Tray integrated into the bodywork. Single-bodied, hermetically sealed doser without aroma loss, vibrationless and made of unbreakable material. Ergonomic handle. Universal coffee tamper (rotatable). Doser fitted with gasket-saver (portafilter positioner). Hardened steel grinding blades (62/65HRc) 60mm in diameter.


  • Tempered steel grinding wheel (62HRc) 60mm diameter
  • Lifespan of grinding wheels: 500Kg
  • Hopper capacity: 0,5Kg
  • Stop/start standard version: instant grinding and dosage
  • Motor supplied with thermal protector
  • Maximum operating time: 30min
  • Motor supplied with thermal protector
  • Dimensions width x length x height: 170x340x410mm


Voltage 230V / 220V / 110V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Phases 1 (monophase)
Rpm 1.300 / 1.600
Current 1,15A / 2,47A
Capacitor 10nf / 40nf
Power 0,10Hp / 270W
Dimensions width x length x height 170x340x410mm